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So I put my notebook on top of my car while I looked for my keys. Except I forgot to get the notebook off! So I drove away and I saw all these papers flying everywhere in my rear mirror but I was like whatever, cause I didn't realise. and then this guy pulls up behind me at the stop sign and got out of the car and was like "Uhhm, do you need this book?" and I'm like "what book?!" and he takes it off my car and was like "this one" and I'm like "@#%$! My papers!" so I had to turn around and chase all my papers around the street. good thing that dude stopped me though, before I like got on the highway haha. 

"We are alone, just by ourselves. We are not normal. And screwed up and mixed up. All of us don't know where to begin "


you are in the middle of a sausage fest!

you're having the absolute time of your life, i can tell haha
leaving things on top of cars and driving off? YOUR LIFE IS STRAIGHT OUT OF A MOVIE!!!
haha serisouly. stuff like that ALWAYS happens to me. like the dumb stuff you see in movies and think "ha, nobody is THAT dumb in the real world.." yeah, they are. like walking into the sliding glass doors, yep..I do that like once a week. I ripped the back of my jeans yesterday cause my back pocket got stuck on a drawer at work and then proceeded to rip the SAME pants in a new spot cause I slid off a table and didn't notice the nail sticking out of it. I am really cool.
That is awesome...in a bad way.

August 2008

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